Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Own Bookshop

BOOKS EVERYWHERE! I always said that if I could do anything it would be to own a book shop. It would look like a cottage with a twinkling bell when you open the door and a creaky floor as you browse the endless shelves of books. My bookshop would entice all of the senses. The smells would be a mixture of paper, binding, coffee, and love. Yes, you read that correctly, LOVE.

I remember when my fiancé and I visited Seattle, WA (my favorite place on the planet) back in August of 2013 I felt like I stepped into Heaven because there were books shops and coffee shops everywhere you looked. It's a place where 90s grunge, books, and coffee all mesh together like the best kind of recipe out there.

Words Words Words...So Sweet and Beautiful

Hello out there...if anyone is reading...

I will be using this space to document my thoughts on literature, movies, and (occasionally) songs. I am a bibliophile through and through (just ask my fiancé) and the thought of a library or bookstore makes me smile on the inside and beam on the outside.

I have a background in English Writing (at least that's what my degree says) AND I am currently a teacher. I teach 4th & 5th grade ELA and Social Studies, and with this a LOVE of READING! However, I don't plan on using this blog for teaching. This is simply my own little escape and way of getting lost in something that doesn't involve bills, headaches, or other mundane necessities that cloud everyday life.

Well...here we go! :)